Meet Our Team

Annika Aas

Annika Aas

Tour Coordinator, Market Responsible for Sweden and Finland

[EST] / [SWE] / [FIN] / [DNK] / [ENG]
Tel: (+372) 679 7545 |

e-Mail: parnu(at) |

Skype: annikkaa

Ele Rasmussen

Ele Rasmussen

Partner, General Manager, Market Responsible for Denmark

[EST] / [DNK] / [NOR] / [ENG] / [DEU] / [RUS]
Tel: (+372) 51 47 083 |

e-Mail: ele(at) |

Skype: elerasmussenpanbaltica

Eva Türk

Eva Türk

Tour Coordinator, Market Responsible for Norway/Sweden

[EST] / [NOR] / [ENG] / [RUS]
Tel: (+372) 555 97 622 |

e-Mail: eva(at) |

Skype: eva.turk.panbaltica

Jan Hyttel

Jan Hyttel

Representative, Supplier Relations Lithuania

[DNK] / [SWE] / [NOR] / [LIT] / [ENG] / [DEU]
Tel: (+370) 69 92 04 57 |


Liāna Andžāne

Liāna Andžāne

Office Manager Riga, Tour Coordinator, Supplier Relations Latvia

[LAT] / [DNK] / [ENG] / [RUS]

Tel: (+371) 26 18 67 91 

e-Mail: liana(at) |

Skype: lianaliana31

Ole M. Rasmussen

Ole M. Rasmussen

Partner, Sales Manager

[DNK] / [NOR] / [SWE] / [EST] / [ENG] / [DEU]
Tel: (+372) 51 30 720 |

e-Mail: ole(at) |

Skype: olerasmussenpanbaltica|

Why us?

In a business like ours everything depends on the attitude to the people you serve and to the people who serve you. It is not only a matter of commanding a foreign language. You must understand the minds. We are good at this because we are passionate. Not only about the destinations we sell, but also
about the people we deal with on both sides.

We are all strongly related to the cultures on both sides of the Baltic sea because each of us „stands with one leg on every side“:

  •  an Estonian who feels „back home“ when she arrives by E18 at „riksgrensen“ with Ørje or lands in
    Gardermoen. Because she experienced some really good years in Norway, and there are some of her best friends.
  • a Latvian who spent one of the best years of her youth in Jutland, Denmark, learned the language
    and the mentality of the people there and found a second family, a second home.
  • a Dane who made Lithuania his home, married a Lithuanian and integrated in the local society
  • an Estonian who was part of a Swedish family for a year, got fluent in that language and familiar with customs and culture of the country
  • and a Danish-Estonian couple who found one another, got a second home country and mother-in-law on the other side of the Baltic Sea.

Heart and Unity

We are in this business with our hearts and minds. Connecting people across the water is not just a job for us. It is part of our own lives. We love and appreciate the cultures on both sides of the water, while born into one of them each of us has developed a strong personal relationship to the other side.
We master the language and understand the mentality of our guests. We know what it takes to make them feel well and how to tease their curiosity.

We love connecting these people and these countries. This is what makes us the perfect bridge builders who we consider ourselves to be, and this is what adds an extra aspect to our professionalism when we must make things work between supplier and customer.


Tallinn Office
Vae tänav 2, Laagri
EE-76401 Harju mk
Tel. (+372) 679 7545


Riga Office
Kurzemes prospekts 78-6
LV-1069 Riga
Tel. (+371) 26 18 67 91


Vilnius Office
c/o Joresco UAB
Tauro gatvė 10-7a
LT-01114 Vilnius
Tel. (+370) 69 92 04 57