The Baltic country with a twist of Central Europe

Last but not least of the Baltics, Lithuania is the biggest of the three states and is the connection to the rest of Europe, full of culture, fantastic sights and great people.

The Corner of Central Europe

Lithuania is not just a Baltic country. Perhaps even more, culturally and historically, it is an inseparable part of the once so mighty Commonwealth with Poland, a neighboring country with which combination travels may also be recommended.

Despite their ethnic and linguistic relations with the Latvians, one clearly recognizes the influence that a completely different history has had on Catholic Lithuanians. The strong sense of identity as an old great power and a centuries-long union with Poland has put its clear traces everywhere you go: in the architecture, mentality and kitchen. It all tells you that you in a different place. You find yourself in a corner of Central Europe and you s

Feel the historic greatness


The cities of Vilnius and Kaunas are the perfect port of call for art and architecture lovers. The leading architectural style of Catholic Lithuania, the Baroque, has found its quintessence in the capital Vilnius, whose facial features are unimaginable without sacral Baroque buildings.


The surrounding province of Dzukija is easily accessible from Vilnius, offering spectacular landscapes, the popular spa resort of Druskininkai with the famous Grutas park, the impressing Trakai island castle where the Grand Dukes of this former European super power once resided.


Palanga and Klaipeda on the west coast of Samogitia and Lithuania Minor attract with their lively atmosphere and invites to excursions in the surrounding area, the most popular ones probably being the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Curonian Spit with its landscape of sand dunes between two seas, or the Hill of Crosses near Siauliai.

And everything between.

The country offers for travelers a breathtaking natural landscape from the forests of the Highlands in the east of the country to the wide beaches of the Amber Coast in the west. The cities of Vilnius and Kaunas are the perfect port of call for art and architecture lovers.

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