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More than just a region on a map, it has fantastic nature, clean air an the nicest people.

The Destination(s)

The Baltics – is that one or several destinations? The name and logo of Panbaltica expresses that we cover it all: We know each and every corner of this European region as our own pocket. But are the Baltics ONE DESTINATION in the sense of a travel destination you can go to visit and grasp a broad overview at once?

For the few it may be – those who have time to spend 10-14 days on a holiday trip through Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. But if you tend to have less time to travel, it pays better off to regard the Baltic’s as a set of destinations that may be taken one-by one or combined as couples over several times. Don’t forget that the total area of the Baltics is like half of Germany or 5/6 of Great Britain, and combining Riga, Tallinn and Vilnius in one week makes no more sense than combining Vienna, Bratislava and Prague in a week. You manage to have a glimpse of three bigger cities in a hurry, but afterwards you hardly remember which was where, and certainly you cannot claim having seen Austria, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. The same goes for the Baltic’s. There is much more to the Baltics than three cities, and every country is much more than its capitol. We define the Baltics as three countries and thirteen single destinations. Do yourself a favor and regard this corner of Europe as one which is worth more than a single visit. Come, stay focused, enjoy – and come back another time!

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