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Panbaltica helps foreign tour operators to arrange their smaller and bigger group tours in the Baltic’s. We organize accommodation, conferences, cultural travel programs, active holiday or just relaxation in all three Baltic countries. We ensure a high-quality travel experience by our presence in each of the three countries, where we have local staff, speaking the local language and having profound knowledge of their country. Behind Panbaltica is an experienced, creative and dynamic team, who wants to share the best of the Baltic countries.

And even more than that: In connection with travels to the Baltics, Panbaltica also offers consulting in the broadest sense of the word. We help to establish new contacts, whether it’s business contacts, professional organizations, public or private institutions, schools, sports associations or political, religious or other NGOs. We are always ready for new challenges, if we haven’t organized something similar before!


Panbaltica works on resale basis only.

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Amazing Destinations

Clean air, pure hearts and sights to see unlike anywhere else.

This is just a small example of the amazing destinationst the Baltic states have to offer. Everything from medieval cities to untouched nature reserves and amazing coastal areas. The Baltics have it all – come and enjoy the clean nature and kind people!

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Estonian Travel and Tourism Association (ETFL) is a voluntary association of tourism industry’s employers. The full members of ETFL are travel agencies and tour operators, the associated members are transport companies, tourism organizations, educational institutions, hotels, insurance companies, foreign tourism organizations and other organizations that offer supportive services for tourism industry.


Association of Latvian Travel Agents and Operators – ALTA is a professional public organization established by merger of travel agents and tour-operators in order to found, on the grounds of common business and equality and within the frame of law and their Statute, an amalgamated managerial institution to coordinate business activities of travel agents and tour-operators, protect their interests and represent Latvian travel business on the world`s scale.

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